September Recipe Review -From Korea to Kenya


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Hi All,

So how was your September? Settled back in to work and school? Or just enjoying the last of the long days before the clocks go back…Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed my tasty recipes and even got to try a few.  Let’s just have a quick recap before moving full swing into Autumn!

First stop in September was a trip to Egypt for the Inspired by Egypt – Courgette and Chickpea Salad with Dukkah, an easy and delicious vegan salad with bags of flavour, I am still sprinkling my ‘Dukkah’ too!

Next up Inspired by Korea – Vegan Asparagus and Ginger Pancakes, another vegan treat and a chance to use some of the amazing combinations I picked up from a Korean cooking course in the summer.  I choose to make a vegan option but for this recipe, but please do try with other ingredients such as prawns and shredded chicken.

Still clinging onto the idea of summer, I decided to cool things down with Inspired by Guatemala – Coffee, Banana and Chocolate Condensed Milk Ice Cream, super easy and as well as an after dinner treat can be added to different milk of your choice to make a really yummy iced coffee.

Starting to feel to strain of cooking several meals a day, I next wanted to make something that I could use as tasty lunch leftovers, with the added benefit of being filling and healthy, so I created the Inspired by Jordan – Oven Baked Fragrant Rice with Crispy Chickpeas and a Parsley Lemon and Cucumber Sauce.

Lastly in September, I wanted to get back into baking using old ideas combined with new flavours, I think I hit the spot with the Inspired by Kenya – Ginger Drizzle Sponge Cake,so much so I have been asked to make it again for a friend.  Really great with a cuppa, coffee or to be honest just on its own!

Remember all recipes are created for you not only to enjoy, but to also raise awareness of the struggles these countries face on a daily basis, so if you would like to make a donation to Save The Children who are working everyday to support children around the World, please visit my just giving page by clicking the link Just Giving for more information.

So where will we go next? Come back on Monday to find out!

See you soon!


Rosalyn x