Inspired by Guatemala – Coffee, Banana and Chocolate Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Easy after dinner treat or just because… Also can be added to milks of all variety to make an excellent frappe! 

Makes: 1,000ml/500g

Prep: 5mins

Cook: No cook but 5 – 6 hours freezing timing

Ingredients: 387ml of condensed milk, 3 ripe bananas, 20g of dark chocolate (plus optional extra for grating over before serving), 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 shot of cooled strong espresso coffee.


  1. Blitz well, all of the ingredients in a food processor
  2. Transfer to a freezable container, old ice cream containers work best!
  3. Freeze for up to 6 hours and scrap off any ice that may appear on top before serving
  4. If making ahead leave out of the freezer for up to 30 minutes until softened
  5. Enjoy!

As well as being subject to natural disasters such as earthquakes, the children of Guatemala have also been affected by the repercussion of a 36 year civil war, which included genocide and violation of human rights, especially among poorer communities. Now in the poorest areas, 60% of children are malnourished and 19% of all children, as young as seven are sent to work.  Save The Children are helping those within the poorest communities find ways to develop healthier, sustainable livelihoods and are promoting education to ensure children have a better future.  To find out more, please visit:

Remember all recipes are created for you not only to enjoy, but to also raise awareness of the struggles these countries face on a daily basis, so if you would like to make a donation to Save The Children

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Inspired by Haiti – Banana and Mango Mock Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Cashew Nut Shards

20180926_202036Low fat, naturally creamy, delicious and can be vegan too!

Prep: 10mins
Cook: 4 hours chilling time…

Serves 4

Ingredients: 1 mango, 2 bananas, 100g dark chocolate (you can source vegan dark chocolate quite easily these days), 50g cashew nuts (crushed), 2 tsp vanilla extract.

1. Line a small baking tray with parchment paper
2. Melt 100g of dark chocolate and pour onto the baking parchment, scatter the crushed cashew nuts over the chocolate and leave to cool in the fridge
3. Peel and slice the mango and bananas and leave in the freezer for four hours
4. When ready to serve, take the mango and bananas out of the freezer and place in the blender, add the vanilla extract and blend to a smooth texture, (this can be placed back in the freezer until ready to serve)
5. Take your dark chocolate and cashew tray out of the fridge and break into shards
6. Scoop the Banana and Mango mix into bowls and serve with some of the dark chocolate and cashew nut shards…Enjoy!

A devastating earthquake struck on the 12 January 2010, it killed 230,000 people and left more than one million people homeless. Save The Children were there to help and by the end of 2010 they had helped a total of 870,000 people, but there is still more to be done, to find out more please visit:

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